Sandvik 14c28n Steel Review

Sandvik 14c28n is one of the best steels you could ask for when it comes to manufacturing the blades of knives. 

sandvik 14c28n knife steel

This is the highest quality steel with the grade of steel which helps in achieving the hardness of knife steel without compressing its micro-structure integrity. This is the best steel you should be considering for checking the quality of steel knife. Sandvik is used by all the high-end manufacturers of knives who use steel for making quality blades. This is the perfect choice for other custom knife makers as well.

Properties of Sandvik 14c28n Steel

It is not just any steel, in fact, it is the most popular steel for knives, Sandvik 14c28n is made in a way that it is loved by all knife manufacturers. It features re-edging as well as edge retention which is maintained with high ease. This steel has the quality to resist any micro-chipping, rolling and folding of edge and so on which means that this material is the best one you can use for making knife blades. This steel is best to be featured in folding knives or pocket knives because of a 55-62 HRC hardness recommendation which is ideal for multiple types of blade applications. There is also a very high corrosion resistance which leads to a unique appeal of intense moisture chores especially when the knife is being used by a chef who has to deal with moist ingredients all the time. This steel has a 55-62 hardness recommendation is capable of having the sharpness retention properties. Sandvik is a fine blankable which helps in a smooth production of knife blades.

  • Excellent edge performance
  • Very high hardness
  • Good corrosion resistance

Chemical Composition of Sandvik 14c28n

Let’s have a look at the chemical composition of Sandvik 13c28n knife blade steel.


C Si Mn P




Cr N
0.62 0.2 0.6 0.025 0.010 14.0 0.11


High Performance

Sandvik is one of the best quality steels available for knives, and there is no doubt about it because it has been tested multiple times for different scenarios and that too in the real situations. This steel was tested while using it in a fixed blade knife design. Started off with the spiral cutting of this knife through the entire ten heavy cardboard mailing tubes, which are pretty hard to cut off and this kind of test often disrupts the sharpness of the knife. However, this steel was still good enough to shave the hair off your arm. But of course, if you put it through 20 such tubes then the sharpness will be affected a bit, and it won’t be able to shave arm hair but still would be capable enough to slice paper. By conducting more tests, it was found that after cutting many cardboard tubes, there was a point when this steel lost the ability to slice paper however it was still able to tear it well. The edge retention is still quite good because any steel can’t possibly be retaining edge after cutting the 2.5 feet length of cardboard tubes.

Bell Rod Testing with Sandvik Steel

It was found the flexibility of this knife steel to be impressive and it sustained all the testing without any chipping and deformation of its edges. This means that the edge retention was quite good. It was tested multiple times by putting it through a vast number of tin cans, another test was performed for hammering the Sandvik 14c28n steel through the stainless steel sheeting of 0.5 mm density. The tip of the knife was somewhat blunted, but overall the steel didn’t chip at all and didn’t even roll. The flexibility and durability of this knife steel were exemplary as the steel was tested multiple times by putting it through the seasoned wood planking for more than 10 minutes and it was done after testing the steel through the hammering process of putting it through the 0.5 mm thick metal sheet as it is mentioned above.

The knife manufactured with the Sandvik 14c28n was put inside a bucket of salt water for about at least four days, and even after that no corrosion or apparent problems were seen on the surface of this steel. All we can say is that this steel is the best one as this steel is responsive to sharpening and to hold an edge during use in even worst cases. This steel held its position and flexibility and performed exceptionally well in all cases and multiple uses of this knife.

Our Final Opinion

After thorough testing of this steel, it can be safely said that all the features of Sandvik 14c28n steel are worth vouching for. This is notably the best steel which can be used for knife production. It has many qualities and can be used well as a folding knife, pocket knife and chef knife. All these types are highly essential for us and make this steel desirable for every use. This knife held its qualities even after series of rough testing so it can be safely said that this is the best steel that can be used for a knife and it is being said after multiple rounds of testing.

You should consider this steel for knife production and should buy the ones featuring this steel because it makes the knife very high in performance. The chemical composition is well balanced and all other features like edge retention and corrosion resistance and chipping resistance make this steel perfectly well to be used for knives. Any chef or pocket knife featuring this steel would be the ones to go for because we are sure about the quality of this steel and it will make the blade performance much more desirable.


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