Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife Review

Surviving in the challenging environments can be hard, and someone who has been through those will surely tell you how important it is to have a trustworthy survival knife with you. A survival knife like Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife is much better than carrying a gun with you because it will not be heavy to carry and can be used for multiple purposes, thus a right survival partner.

gerber bear grylls ultimate pro knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife is your best survival partner due to its excellent features and the decades of trust and experience in the brand shows that it is a great survival partner. It’ll be all you need when it comes to risky survival; this knife is like a loyal partner, only it won’t let you fail. Just this knife in your backpack means you are ready to start your adventure and you will be safe and sound.

Since this knife is trusted by so many, let’s have a closer look at its feature and specifications.

Special Features

There are great features in this product and its worth every penny, but just to give you an idea about the awesomeness of this knife, let’s go through a quick particular feature list which makes this knife unique and efficient.

Specifications of Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Description Specification Description Specification
Blade Length 4.8” Overall Length 10”
Blade Width 1 ¼ Weight 9.7 Oz
Blade Steel 9Cr19MoV Grip Material TPE Overmold (rubbery material)
Blade Shape Drop point Guard Type Half, molded in to grip
Blade Grind Saber False Edge Yes
Blade Thickness 0.18” Spine Jimping Yes
Choil Yes Lanyard Hole Yes

Features of Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Gerber’s Bear Grylls Pro Knife have a lot of features which stand it out of the crowd just as right, the features are extensive and they have passed a lot of tests to be one of the best survival knives. So, let’s have a closer look at the list of features for the Ultimate Pro Knife.

gerber bear grylls

1. The edge

The Ultimate Pro Knife by Gerber features a serrations free edge meaning it has 100% fine edge blade. There are other models by Geber which feature the serrated blades and fine edges both but this one are highly specialized in quality by featuring serration free fine edge blade.

Serrations are great too especially for cutting ropes and stuff while extending the usefulness of your knife, but after long use, they are the reason for making your knife dull. The serrations on the knife can also be bad by various means because it comes in the way of fine slicing, cutting and peeling off. Also, serrations, if damaged, are not possible to mend again.

2. The Blade

The blade of this knife is very sharp and is a drop point blade which means that the upper side of the blade has a cure till the ending of the blade.

The drop point feature of the blade is highly common for survival blades, and it has a lot of utilities. Drop blade feature of the ultimate pro makes it even more worthy of the class of survival knives. The drop blade feature gives a strong tie to the knife and makes the knife’s blade strong throughout the surface.

3. Gerber Knife Sharpener

Gerber’s Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro comes with a great and convenient carbide-bladed pull-through sharpener which helps you easily sharpen your knife in the worst situation, so your knife always stays there with you.

The designers of this knife especially realized how useless your knife could be if you are unable to sharpen it when needed most. Especially in the worst and extreme conditions when you have to use the knife a lot and if it gets useless it will leave your side, and that shouldn’t be happening. That’s why this knife is designed in a way that it features the built-in knife sharpener for your ease.

The pull through sharpener of this knife is amazing, and because of the spacing of choil between the hand guard and knife edge, it ensures that the entire knife if real sharpened quick. The sharpening system of this knife never fails because of its effectiveness and built quality. If you have used this knife quite a lot, then you will need to do a few pulls to get the knife back to its original condition which means almost factory made sharpness.

4. Whistle

The ultimate pro knife features a newly styled emergency whistle which has very very long durability than the previous model. The whistle will make sure that you are heard in the emergency situations, and someone can help you. The whistle is quite loud, and it is attached to the knife, so you don’t get it lost. It is attached to the knife by its integrated lanyard.

5. Handle

The handle of this knife is also amazing and is made of the knife tang which appears to be the two rugged polymer slabs. These slabs hold the knife securely in its place, and the strength of attachment is ensured by the 4-star bolts as well as two permanent metal insets which are inside the lashing holes at the upper side of the grip. Such heavy grip proves that the knife’s handle is completely secured and can bear a great deal of pressure.

The polymer handle is mostly covered with the rubberized grippy material which has great durability and helps in the grip because survival knives should have a good grip. The excellent grip quality makes the survival knife even more substantial.

The knife helps a great deal in balancing the center of gravity, and the forefinger handle cutout is also well balanced.

On the upper side of the knife, there is a well notched out coating free striker area which helps to be used as fire steel striker.

There is a choil present at the edge side of the blade; the choil is a cutaway area which is present between the edge and the hand guard of the knife. The choil of the knife has ample space for wrapping your forefinger and for value-added control in fine cutting and slicing. However, you have to be very careful with this procedure.

Please also note that the main purpose of this choil is to be used as the knife sharpener. The knife sharpener feature helps the blade to be finely sharpened all the way till the edge of the blade without any fear of getting any cuts.

6. Safe handling

There are two extra holes present on the handguard other than the main lanyard hole. These additional holes go through the handle slabs and tang and are very carefully placed to give you safe handling while lashing the knife into a pole for making a spear. You can safely lash your ultimate pro on to a pole, and it will not fail you.

7. Sheath lock

The lashing holes which are placed on slabs have another essential function to perform, and that is the friction lock system which helps the knife to be held in the sheath. Those lashing holes are very strategically placed to be aligned with the four raised bumps (present on each side) on the top of the sheath which work together to lock the knife in its sheath when the knife is not in use. The previous version of this knife also has a handle strap with a velcro-like closure system and the same is present in this new version of the ultimate pro which helps the knife to be held securely in the sheath when it is not being used.

The sheath of this knife is specially designed to be carried in either hand, and the hole at the bottom compartment of knife helps the water to drain through if you ever face any situation where you have to handle the knife in the water or if simply carry it along during swimming.

8. Belt loop

The back of the upper part of the knife which is made of ballistic nylon, there is also a nylon vertical belt loop which works well and can be styled with any belt of 2 inches width.

9. Firestarter

One of the things that are loved most in this knife if that on the front side of the sheath, you will be able to find a perfectly placed Ferro rod and it is positioned right side up, rather than the upside down position.

This Ferro rod position is very important because it ensures that the Ferro rod doesn’t fall out of sheath in any way and get lost. That will be a terrible thing if it gets lost accidentally. The Ferro rod could easily fall out in the previous version, but this one ensures that the rod stays in its place.

The ferrocerium rod of high quality is placed in the knife sheath so you can easily start a fire when needed. It is a good feature to come with any knife.

gerber bear grylls

Reasons Why You Should Buy Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Gerber is known for making extraordinary knives which are not only for survival, but they have so many features that falling in love with your Gerber’s pocket knives is quite easy.

Gerber survival guides which come with the knives are waterproof and come with good instructional manual and illustrations which can help you big time in any outdoor emergency situations. You can make fires, cut woods and feel safe with the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife using the survival guides.

The survival guide which comes with the ultimate pro is one of the best survival guides like ever because of the illustrations it has. Only talking doesn’t help, so the illustrations show you how to do stuff and make it work. You can even learn to build shelters with the ultimate pro-survival guide.

The Ultimate Pro Survival Knife comes with a guide that can help you with the following:

  • Build a shelter for yourself
  • Make fire for staying warm
  • Finding the way out of anywhere without the compass
  • Find water
  • Making a solar still
  • Catching small games by using snare and traps
  • Even calling for help is taught by this guide

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife can help you with following:

  • Fighting extremes
  • Staying safe
  • Cutting woods for building fire
  • Building actual fire with the Ferro rod
  • Lightweight knife and can be carried anywhere for hiking and stuff very easily
  • The secure sheath helps keep the knife in its place, so you are safe from any accidents
  • Very easy to handle knife because of its efficient handles and well-placed holes
  • A very loud whistle comes attached to the knife for any emergency situations
  • The knife is all in all a survival partner which must be taken along on every adventure
  • It can help you with every extreme situation
  • It is very easy to carry around

gerber bear grylls

Final words

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife is one of the best knives available today with such extensive features, Gerber has proved its craftsmanship with this knife. The extra features like a sharpener, whistle, strategically placed lashing holes and the sharp yet secure blade makes this knife a must have one at every adventure. You can take it along anywhere for camping, hiking, emergency situations and so on. This knife has stolen many hearts, and it is loved everywhere since it has grabbed amazing ratings on Amazon.


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