Buck 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife Review

2 buck 110 folding knifeKnives have been revolutionized by Buck Knives and the history speaks for it. The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is the first modern knife with the folding design introduced since the start. Buck represents a special type of blade and the Buck 110 is the true advocate of it. Besides the other well-known knives, Buck 110 is the iconic knife and has gathered great reviews from all over the world.

Buck has a great history for its folding knives as it created the Folding Hunter in 1963 when Al Buck set out to make a great folding lock blade knife which was required a lot by travelers and outdoors enthusiasts. The time Buck’s folding hunter was created there was a great need for a sturdy knife which can be very easy to carry. Because most knives at that time came with a non-foldable design but Buck decided to give people a folding knife which will be even sturdier and better in performance. Buck introduced folding hunter which became the number one selling sports knife in the entire world. Even after 55 years today, the folding hunter is loved more and more globally and remains the iconic knife with high performance and great features. Buck knives have even greater history but the Folding Hunter is still a great choice for enthusiasts and adventurers, mainly because of its engineered qualities and ultimate performance.

We have the best and unbiased review of Buck 110 Folding Hunter knife. Just continue reading to find out more about its tested specifications and features.

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  • High-quality blade: Stainless steel clip blade is engineered with great strength, excellent edge retention as well as corrosion resistance. The sharp clip blade has very controllable points which are great for controlled work, piercing, and slicing. Basically, the blade can be used for multiple purposes as well.
  • Secure lock: The knife is quite easy to open up with the help of nail notch on the blade. The lock back feature of the blade will also help the blade to stay open while you perform your work.
  • Iconic Knife: The walnut wood handles and brass bolsters have been copied by many knife manufacturers but Buck is known for introducing this perfect beauty and balance. The great thing about Buck 110 is that it is among the top-selling knives even after 55 years of old design. Buck 110 lovers buy it for its classiness and legacy for years.
  • Easy to carry: Another beauty which comes with this knife is the premium quality genuine protective leather sheath as well as the snap fastener. The belt loop is also integrated to the knife which helps you carry it around anywhere with your pant strap and you won’t even have to worry about losing it.
  • Lifetime warranty: Because Buck is purely USA brand and even at such a low price it offers you a lifetime warranty for its knife and this warranty makes the Buck Folding Hunter a highly trustable knife in users. The users really appreciate the warranty of knife by Buck.
  • Great value for money: Folding hunter comes at such a low price making it a genuinely reasonable product in the market. Check out the current price here.


There are few cons of Buck Folding Hunter 110 Knife, let’s have a look at those.

  • Nail nicks opening system of the knife
  • Old style and operations (keeping the legacy alive though)
  • Heavyweight can be a problem in carrying around

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Overall Rating of Buck 110

The product has earned great ratings from customers all over the world and even after 55 years of same design and blade, Buck 110 has a stable rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Let’s have a look at the specifications of Buck 110 Folding Hunter.

Features Folding Hunter
Model 110
Steel 420HC
Overall Length 4-7/8″ – Closed
Blade Length 3-3/4″
Weight 7.2 oz
Type of Knife Outdoor – Hunting
Type of Blade Folding
Handle Macassar Ebony Dymondwood
Sheath Genuine Leather – Included
Thickness 0.120″

Detailed Review

Let’s have a look at the features of this knife one by one.

1. Blade

The blade of Buck 110 has an overall handle length of 4-7/8 inches and blade length is another 3-3/4″ inches. The weight is 7.2 oz and the lines on Buck 110 are so clear and familiar because of its iconic design. The design includes the brass bolsters and wooden scales which have been adopted by many knife manufacturers since ever. The design of Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife has not been changed over almost more than a half-century. The finishing is quite well for such a low price of Buck 110. You will definitely be getting a lot of good value out of such low price.

buck 110 folding knife review

The simplicity of Buck 110 is also quite attractive and it is a great knife to be used for multiple purposes, other than what the name suggests Folding Hunter. Buck 110 is a neutral knife but the alchemy between the lines and proportions of 110 gives it the ability to perform all kinds of cutting and chopping functions.

The blade shape also plays an important part in making the blade even more effective and the low slung sharkish clip point is added which provides good leverage to the length. The blade of good size means you have a very decent blade because of the great surface area between the tip and sweep; the slicing and sawing both can be done easily with this feature. The handle and belly of the blade are distanced which help you cut through any material very rapidly. The effective leading and good piercing can be done with the tip. It slices really well which is not the case with other larger blades. It is basically a workhorse blade shape which manages to perform great functions with no or little effort.

The blade is made of 420HC steel which goes through Buck’s famous Paul Bos heat treatments. This makes the steel great for use. The 420HC gets sharpen really quickly which is not the case with VG-10 and that’s why 420HC is highly appreciated in this regard.

2. Carrying & handling

There have been almost no complaints about Buck 110 and its handle shape. The shape is really bowed and it couldn’t get better than this. Buck 110 differs from all the modern knife because it has no finger grooves and scallops. But Buck has never gotten a bad review for the handle and shape because 110 gives you the complete freedom to hold it the way you want to and without any problems. So, it is as good as it gets and the way you want it.

The balance of the knife is also really great and it shows that the design has been engineered really well. You get more control over the knife if the pivot is closer to the balance. The 110 Dymondwood and brass engineering have made it a Rubenesque knife. The balance of the knife is right in the middle of the handle and there is the iconic decent distance from the pivot, which makes balance even more effective.

buck 110 folding hunter knife review

The weight of the Buck 110 folding hunter is a bit more but there are obviously not many advantages seen with the lighter knives so Buck’s 110 doesn’t make weight a big deal because it helps in sturdier performance. There is no clip but it does come with a leather sheet which represents the history of keeping knives in the leather cover and to be honest it looks great that way. It is one of the best pocket knives that you can just put it in your back pocket during travels and all will be well.

3. Secure locks and safety features

Buck’s 110 takes a little effort to open up as the nail nicks are usually provided on the traditional knife for opening it. However Buck has not changed the nail nicks into thumb studs over the past years and they don’t seem to have any plans for it right away, we can just hope that happens. But at the same time, the heavy lock of the knife ensures that you and the knife both are safe from any sudden accidents because of loose knife locks.

The nail nicks are really great and they don’t even require much effort to open up. The opening action is quite smooth and doesn’t demand much efforts. The sound of lock opening and clicking also has its charm. The style and function of this knife are quite classy and it does justice to such old heritage of Buck.

The safety and security of this knife are also completely reliable. However, any pressure on the back of blade will cause the knife to fold back.


Buck 110 Folding Hunter is definitely a great knife to own. But with time, Buck will have to update this iconic 110 because many new competitions are arising and any day there can be a better knife with the same value for money. Buck can even add small features to improve the famous Folding Hunter 110 like changing the nail nickels and putting on more sturdier locks.

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