In this post, we are presenting you with a detailed guide having 10+ best hunting knives in 2019. Go through the features carefully to select a multipurpose & easy-to-carry hunting knife.

One of the ground rules for hunting is that not all kinds of knives and blades can be used for it. This means you cannot carry your pocket knife to all your hunting expeditions. Rather, it is important to have the right kind of tools to serve the purpose.

When it comes to selecting the type and size of hunting knives, several people fail to opt for the most appropriate one. This usually happens because of their insufficient knowledge or experience in the field of hunting. Many people assume that hunting knives are designed to serve the purpose of hunting only. However, the fact is that these compact and sophisticated tools aim to assist you in all your camping tasks such as skinning, cutting off the branches of trees, slicing meat, etc. Therefore, before heading on to any hunting trip, you are advised to ensure that you have enough supplies of all the necessary tools, especially a hunting knife.

In order to help you choose the best, we are presenting you a detailed guide that lists 10+ best hunting knives for 2019. Go through the features of these knives carefully to select a multipurpose and easy-to-carry hunting knife for your trip.

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5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Hunting Knife

Before beginning with the list of best 15 hunting knives in 2019, it is suggested to go through the features that you should consider while choosing a knife for your upcoming hunting trip.

  • Type of landscape for hunting

When it comes to hunting, the landscape is the most significant thing to consider. According to the topography of the land, you are required to select tools that can provide a better grip as well as smooth performance.

  • Climate and wildlife of the place

The climate of the hunting region is equally important. If it’s a rainy area, it requires a different type of tools including knives. Whereas for dry areas, the requirements are quite simple. Same applies to the type of wildlife you want to hunt. From mammals to birds to reptiles, each one has different body shape and skin texture. Therefore, you need to select your hunting tools according to your prey.

  • Size and shape of the knife

Depending on your luggage, it is quite necessary to select a hunting knife of appropriate size. It should be handy enough to carry around easily. Heavy hunting knives are not only difficult to carry but also inconvenient to use while doing simple camping chores.

  • Blade of the knife

As mentioned before, hunting knives are meant to be multi-functional. Apart from being used on prey, they should be sharp and smooth enough to be used for all other camping activities. Also, along with having a sharp cutting blade, they should have posterior rugged surface too to ignite the fire or cut ropes.  

  • Duration of your trip

One might consider the duration of the trip, the least important factor while buying hunting knives but its significant enough to give a look. If you are staying at a place for long, you might need more tasks to be done as compared to a shorter trip.

Best Hunting Knives 2019

Now that you have understood the factors you should be looking for in your hunting knives, let’s get started with the list of knives. Since all of them are high-rated hunting knives of the year, it is your responsibility to choose the most compatible and multi-tasking one for your trip.   

RatingNameImageSteelBlade sizePrice
#1Camillus BT-8.5 Camillus BT 8.5 Fixed Blade Hunting KnifeCM19286 3.5”pocket knife price
#2Browning Speed Load Ceramic

Browning speed load knife stainless steel 2 1/2"pocket knife price
#3Benchmade 560 FreekBenchmade 560 Freek hunting knifeCPM-S30V 3.6-inch pocket knife price
#4Havalon Piranta Edge Folding KnifeHavalon Piranta Edge Folding Knife60XTpocket knife price
#5White River Firecraft Series Hunting KnifeWhite River Firecraft S30V 7"pocket knife price
#6Buck Omni HunterBuck Knives 393 Omni Hunter420HC 4"pocket knife price
#7Zero Tolerance 0460 Hunting KnifeZero Tolerance 0460S35VN 3.25-inchpocket knife price
#8SOG KIKU 4” FixedSOG KIKU 4” Fixed huntin knifeVG-10 4.1"pocket knife price
#9Spyderco SpydieChefspyderco spydiechef knifeLC200N3.32” pocket knife price
#10Helle Arv KnifeHelle Arv knifeTriple laminated stainless steel3.5-inchpocket knife price
#11Spyderco Bill Drop Point

VG-10 3.87 inchespocket knife price
#12CRKT Onion SkinnerK110 3.75”pocket knife price
#13Buck Alaskan Guide Series 113 RangerBuck Alaskan Guide Series 113 Ranger KnifeS30V 3.125 inches pocket knife price
#14Browning Featherweight Fixed Semi-SkinnerBrowning Featherweight Fixed Drop Knife 3.36-inchAUS-8A pocket knife price
#15PUMA SGB Skinner Stag Hunting KnifePUMA SGB Skinner Stag Hunting Knife 4.7 inches 440A pocket knife price

Camillus BT-8.5 – The Best Hunting Knife to Buy in 2019

Camillus BT 8.5 Fixed Blade Best Hunting Knives

For those who prefer smaller blades as they are easy to hold and rotate, Camillus is an ideal option. The size of the blade is fixed. It is 3.5”. Because of their compact size, they are usually used for the hunting of birds and trout. Along with that, it can also be used for hunting tasks that require precise controlled movement of the blade. However, it might not be the most suitable option to deal with big animals. Also, the notches towards the back of the knife make it multitasking for other hunting or camping purposes.

The price of Camillus hunting knife also falls within the affordability range of most customers. It is for $32 only, which is cheaper as compared to other brands in the market.



pocket knife price

Browning Speed Load Ceramic

Browning speed load knife

People have different preferences for hunting knives. Some like to carry heavy tools while others prefer knives that occupy less space. If you fall in the later category, you can choose to buy browning speed load ceramic hunting knife. It has a folding blade that is replaceable too. For those who want to keep their luggage very light, it’s a perfect fit. With its sharp and hard edges, you can use it for light to medium weight hunts.

Previously, its ceramic blades were considered its downside because they were found to be more brittle than steel. However, now this issue has been fixed and the blades are as strong as the surgical scalpel.

When it comes to Taffordability, browning speed load ceramic hunting knife has a reasonable price. It costs only $40.




pocket knife price

Benchmade 560 Freek  

Benchmade 560 Freek hunting knife



One of the best hunting knives amongst the users is Benchmade 560 Freek. This hunting knife comes with a 3.6-inch wide blade of high-quality stainless CPM-S30V steel. With tight rubber grooves on the handle for tighter grip, the blade locks with the axis lock. Whether you are a pro hunter who wants to go elbow-deep in a yak or a beginner who want to slice trout, 560 Freek is suitable for both. It allows users to go for straight deep slashes as well as precise cuts.

Since the knife comes with extra quality and extraordinary strength, it costs more than a regular hunting knife. Its price is $130.


pocket knife priceHavalon Piranta Edge Folding Knife

Havalon Piranta Edge Folding Knife


Several hunters are more specific when it comes to their hunting tools. They don’t prefer to use a single knife for all their hunting purposes. For people like these, Havalon Piranta Edge Folding knife is a remarkable option. It comes with 12 scalpel blades that are replaceable. The wide range of blades saves an immense amount of time as you don’t need to sit back to sharpen a blade. Depending on the size of the animal or the type of camping chore, you can select a sharp blade and perform the task easily. The blades of this hunting knife are strong enough to break bones and precise enough to make smooth cuts. Also, it can be folded and thus easily accommodated in your pocket.

As you are getting a wide range of blades, Havalon Piranta Folding Knife costs you a bit more than the ordinary hunting knives. Its price is $46. 

pocket knife price

White River Firecraft Series Hunting Knife

White River Firecraft

Hunting does not always assure your victory against the animal. In rough landscapes and tough situations, things can go the other way round and you might end up in a brutal survival situation. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep a chop and hack hunting knife with yourself for nasty, life-threatening scenarios.

White River Firecraft Series is one of the most suitable knives to save your life in harsh situations. These brawn knives are made up of S30V steel. The blades come with stonewash tone and Micarta handles that provide tighter grip even in rain. With their fire-bow divot set, the stainless-steel blade can also be used to strike fire.

White River Firecraft Series Hunting Knife comes in three different lengths i.e. 4-inch blade, 5-inch blade, and 7-inch blade. It costs you from $240 to $320, depending on the length you select.

pocket knife price

Buck Omni Hunter

Buck Knives 393 Omni Hunter

Made in the USA, Buck Omni Hunter is a compact and multi-functional hunting knife. With 420HC steel, its blade is made up of chromium steel that is rust resistant. Moreover, the blade is also treated with high heat process because of which it is strong enough to make sharp as well as deep cuts. Along with that, it can also be used for simple hunting tasks.

It has a sophisticated design that not only serves all the hunting purposes but also ensures complete safety of the user. The top of the blade drops inwards to avoid unintended puncturing while skinning animals. Buck Omni Hunter has a very strong grip, which improves grip even during wet and bloody conditions. And the knife is also quite reasonable when it comes to its price. It only costs $36.    

pocket knife price

Zero Tolerance 0460 Hunting Knife

Zero Tolerance 0460


If you are a gear-junkie, Zero Tolerance 0460 is an essential gadget to be found in your collection. It is sleek, stylish and undoubtedly very efficient for all your hunting purposes. With a 3.25-inch blade made up of S35VN steel, it has a graphite and carbon-fiber handle that provides tighter grip while making deeper cuts. Also, the curve design of its handle makes the grip firmer.

Unlike many other hunting knives in the market, ZT knife immensely focuses on the design aspect of the hunting tools. This is the reason why it costs more than ordinary knives. Its price is $225.  

pocket knife price





SOG KIKU 4” Fixed

SOG KIKU is the next one on tSOG KIKU 4” Fixed huntin knifehe list of best hunting knives 2019. Its efficient design has been one of its most prominent feature that users have appreciated immensely. Made up of VG-10 Japanese steel, its sharp blade is known for making precise cuts. Apart from cutting and slashing, it can also be used for all other hunting and camping activities such as setting up game or cutting ropes.

You can use it to skin and chop the prey within no time. Its effective cutting is the reason behind its high price. This hunting knife is going to cost you $254



pocket knife price



Spyderco SpydieChef
spyderco spydiechef knife

Marcin Slysz is a well-known name in the world European knifemakers who are highly regarded for their fine quality and supreme design culinary blades. However, recently they have expanded their knife collection and have introduced a series of hunting knives. Spyderco SpydieChef is one of them. 

Unlike its culinary sibling blades, SpydieChef is a 3.32” flat blade that is made up of LC200N steel. This knife is a member of their well-known Salt series which are popular for their rust-free nitrogen steel. The sophisticated design of the knife allows users to hose out or slash through the meet effortlessly. Also, it has a Chris Reeve-designed lock mechanism that ensures full safety of the hunter.

Because of its culinary background, Spyderco SpydieChef will not only help you to kill your prey but will also allow you to prepare it properly for cooking. This hunting costs $330 for all its amazing features.

pocket knife price



Helle Arv Knife

Helle Arv knife

The next one in our list is Helle Arv. Apparently, the most appealing thing about this hunting knife is the striking patterns on its handle. It seems a perfect match to a wild adventure. However, it has more to be discovered than just its design and pattern.

Many people regard it as the new beauty in the world of fixed-blade hunting knives. With a little drop point design, it has a 3.5-inch steel blade that is triple laminated. Its handle is made up of leather and curly maple which ensures smooth yet firm grip over the blade.

Moreover, it comes with a leather sheath to ensure hand safety and protection. It will cost you $169 in the market.

pocket knife price


Spyderco Bill Drop Point

As mentioned earlier, Spyderco company has introduced a whole new range of hunting knives, which received immense appreciation from the experts of the hunting community. This is the reason why we have included another hunting knife from their collection. It is the Spyderco Bill Drop Point hunting knife.

Not everyone enjoys a small handle when it comes to their hunting knives. Keeping this fact in mind, Spyderco has introduced this design that comes with a large Kraton handle to ensure a tighter grip for the hunter. The blade, which is 3.87 inches in size is made up of VG-10 steel. For deeper cuts, the blade has a thinner tip whereas a thicker end towards the handle for slashing purposes.

All these hunting knives are made in Japan. However, despite their supreme quality and improved efficiency, they are quite affordable. Spyderco Bill Drop Point will cost you $90 only.


pocket knife price  

CRKT Onion Skinner

Many amateur hunters do not know that the art of making of hunting knives involves a great deal of research and hard work. Whether it’s the design of the knife or the material of the blade, everything plays a crucial role in its overall functionality and efficiency of the tool. Ken Onion is one such name in the knife industry who believes in making fully researched products.

He conducted a thorough research before introducing his CRKT Onion Skinner to the market. He started his research with Alaskan guides and several other hunting experts to learn more about new hunting techniques and improve his product.

The blade of his CRKT Onion Skinner is 3.75” in size and is made up of Bohler K110 steel. This Taiwan made knife has a sharp tip to make deeper cuts, with grooves on the handle to ensure firmer grip. Moreover, it is also very sleek, compact, and attractive in design which makes it more suitable for hunting.

Also, unlike other well-designed knives, it doesn’t cross the budget boundary of many hunters. Rather, it costs $37 only, which is a quite reasonable price.

pocket knife price


Buck Alaskan Guide Series 113 Ranger


Buck Alaskan Guide Series 113 Ranger Knife

The next one in our list is the vintage design Buck Alaskan Guide Series 113 Range. Its sharp blade is made up of S30V steel which ensures ultimate strength and sharpness. The blade is 3.125 inches in size and is also corrosion resistant. This means that this hunting knife can easily be used for dry as well as wet seasons and landscapes. Also, the beautiful rosewood handle of the knife has a specific shape that prevents sliding of hands during slashing of flesh.

A regular Buck Alaskan Guide Series 113 Range will cost you around $60. 

pocket knife price


Browning Featherweight Fixed Semi-Skinner
Browning Featherweight Fixed Drop Knife

This drop point skinner has a very sophisticated design that serves all the essential hunting purposes. With an overall length of 8.13 inches, its 3.36-inch blade is made up of AUS-8A steel. Also, the blade is rust resistant and comes with an attractive Ballistic nylon sheath. The blade is ideal for making all kind of cuts and slices because of its fine and uniform grain structure. The black Zytel handle further ensures firmer grip while making deeper cuts.

If you are a hunter whose primary focus is dressing and skinning, Browning Featherweight Fixed Semi-Skinner is the best option you. It will cost you around $26.


pocket knife price


PUMA SGB Skinner Stag Hunting Knife

PUMA SGB Skinner Stag Hunting Knife

With some of the best ratings from its customers, PUMA SGB Skinner Stag is another impressive addition to our list of the best hunting knives of the year. The 9.4 inches sharp knife has a 4.7 inches fixed blade that is made up of 440A German manufactured steel. Also, it has a very appealing ancient design with stag scales which is handmade.

As the name implies, PUMA SGB Skinner Stag is extremely light-weighted and therefore easy to carry around. The knife also comes with a tanned aniline leather sheath for users’ protection when it is not being used. Other significant features of the knife include finger guards and pins, lanyard holes that have been lined with brass, stag handles, and more. Every feature of the knife fully lives up to the high standards of the company.  

For all the remarkable features of this hunting knife, you have to pay $89.98 only.

pocket knife price


Tips to maintain your hunting knife to make it long lasting

One thing is given, no matter whichever hunting knife you buy, if you fail to keep it clean and well-maintained, it is not going to last for long. This is the reason why after introducing you to our best hunting knives for 2019, we are presenting you with some quick yet efficient techniques to clean them up and enhance their durability.

Most of the knives are either made up of stainless steel or carbon steel. Many people assume that all these hunting tools are rust-proof because it’s written in their description that they are corrosion-resistant. However, in reality, it means that the instrument won’t get rust only if maintained properly. So below are a few tips you can follow to keep their efficiency intact and their body rust free,

  • Regardless of how often you use your hunting knife, it is necessary to clean and oil it up on regular basis. Especially, if its edges are becoming blunt and its blade dull, it means that your hunting knife needs quick servicing.
  • Another important tip to ensure your hunting knife’s long-life is to be careful while washing it after use. Rust is the result of three main ingredients i.e. water, metal, and air (oxygen). While washing the knife if you let water seep into the narrow region between the handle and the blade, it might stay there for long and cause corrosion. In order to avoid this, try to prevent water getting into the narrow region. If it happens, try to clean and dry it as soon as possible.
  • Don’t use excessive oil to clean your blade, as doing so can cause dirt and dust to get stuck on it. Use a clean cloth or cotton with little oil to clean the blade.
  • Another thing that has been noticed is that many hunters focus on the maintenance of the blade only. However, it is essential to know that the handle of the knife plays an equally important role in its overall performance. Therefore, clean the handle promptly. Also, several knives come with designs on their handle for better grip. Dirt is most likely to get trapped in these designs. Scrap it off timely to avoid the building of bacteria. You can also use a dishwasher to clean it properly.


In this post, we have tried to cover all those details that are related to hunting knives. We want you to understand that before purchasing any knife, don’t forget to go through your hunting needs and habits to choose the most appropriate tool. Also, follow our cleanliness measures to keep your knife bacteria free and hard-wearing for a longer period of time.

If there is anything else about hunting knives that you want us to write above, do let us know.
Happy Hunting!