Finding right tools for daily use can be a hectic task, especially when you have so many options to choose from. The decision gets even more complicated when it comes to Every day Carry (EDC) Knives.  As the name states, EDC knives are the tools for daily use. Therefore, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered while selecting the perfect EDC pocket knives.

Before getting on with the list of the best EDC pocket knives of 2019, it is essential to understand the features that should be looked for when choosing an EDC knife.

The below list will provide you with an outline of what to look for in an ideal EDC knife.

The overall size of the knife

The size of an EDC knife can say a lot about its performance. It is essential that the knife comes in a portable yet efficient size for both when it is folded and opened.

Blade size

EDC pocket knives come in some shapes and sizes. A gentleman’s knife is ideal for small pant pockets and daily use. On the other hand, medium and large bladed knives can also be used for similar purposes.

Blade steel

The blade steel used in an EDC knife can also help you select the most appropriate tool. The choice can be made between stainless steels and non-stainless steels as per your daily use.


The small handle size of EDC pocket knives can make the hold on it weak. Therefore, look for knives with comfortable handles and specialized finger notches for a firmer grip.

Laws for carrying an EDC Knife

Knowing the local rules and regulations for carrying an EDC knife is highly significant as you would never want your knife to get confiscated. Having keen knowledge about the blade length and their state of being locked and unlocked is mandatory to use your knife within legal boundaries.  

The definition of every day varies from person to person. For instance, one might need an EDC knife for hard manual work, while some might need it for collection purposes. Because of the generic name, there is an extensive list of everyday carry knives out there, which makes the choice of knives exhausting. To help you out, here we present you with a list of the 13 best EDC pocket knives in 2019 to choose from. The list extends from various brands and manufacturers to cost-effective and exclusive EDC pocket knives, which will help you to buy the knife that is most suitable for your needs.

RatingNameImageSteelBlade SizePrice
#1Kershaw Cryo G10Kershaw Cryo G10 edc knife8Cr13MoV2.75"pocket knife price
#2Benchmade Mini GriptilianBenchmade Mini Griptilian 556-1 knifeCPM-20CV2.91"pocket knife price
#3Spyderco Para Military 2Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 plain edge knifeCPM-S30V3.44"pocket knife price
#4CRKT No Time OffCRKT No Time Off 5351 knife CTS BD12.99”pocket knife price
#5Cold Steel Recon 1Cold Steel Recon 1 KnifeAUS-8A4"pocket knife price
#6DPX Gear Heat/FDpx Gear Heat F Pocket KnifeNiolox2.26” pocket knife price
#7Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage OsborneBenchmade - Mini Barrage 585 Knife154CM 2.91”pocket knife price
#8Opinel No.6

#6 Opinel Carbon SteelXC90 2.755"pocket knife price
#9Gerber Paraframe Mini KnifeGerber paraframe Mini knifeHigh Carbon Stainless2.22"pocket knife price
#10Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge KnifeSpyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife8Cr13Mov3 3/8”pocket knife price
#11Buck Knives Vantage Pro 0342BKSBuck Knives Vantage Pro 0342BKSS30V3.25”pocket knife price
#12SOG Trident EliteSOG Trident Specialty KnivesAUS-83.5”pocket knife price
#13Zero Tolerance Hinderer Flipper KnifeZero Tolerance Hinderer Flipper KnifeELMAX3.5”pocket knife price

Highest Rated EDC Pocket Knives of 2019

Kershaw Cryo G10 – Best EDC Pocket Knife 2019

best edc pocket knives - Kershaw Cryo G10 edc knife

Kershaw is the most trusted brand when it comes to designing affordable yet multi-functional knives. Kershaw has been delivering excellent quality products for the last couple of decades. Kershaw Cryo G10 is their latest design, and it has been stealing everyone’s attention since then.

The unique 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade is titanium carbo-nitride coated that measures 2.75’’. The tool is strong enough to dig a whole and precise enough to cut a fine slice.  Apart from the sharp blade, its handle provides a firm grip making it easier to use the knife despite its small size. It also has a 4-way pocket clip making it safe and more versatile. When folded, the 3.75” Kershaw Cryo G10 takes little or no space in the pocket, which makes it extremely space efficient and an ideal EDC pocket knife. The specific Speedsafe design of Kershaw makes G10 to be folded and unfolded exceptionally swiftly.

Kershaw Cryo G10 not only has a spectacular design but it also goes easy on your money. The $24 EDC pocket knife (Check current price) is loaded with features and functionality that make it a reliable choice, especially for amateur knife users.

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Benchmade Mini Griptilian

Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556-1 knife

Benchmade is another renowned name when it comes to EDC knives manufacturers. Their latest addition to EDC pocket knives is the new Benchmade Mini Griptilian, which has created a stir in the market. The new and improved Mini Griptilian has all the features that make it worth buying.

The 6.78” new Mini Griptilian knife has the same blade shape as the older one, but it is made up of CPM-20CV. The heavy duty stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Along with the new steel blade, Mini Griptilian has a new and improved nylon handle made from G10, with anodized aluminum spacers, which helps to get a tighter grip on the knife.

The new design also has a large thumbhole, which helps to unfold the blade in no time. Also, the Mini Griptilian now has deep carry pocket clip, making it more pocket-friendly and it comes in a small pouch.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian comes in different colors, and it costs around $150 (check the latest price). If you are looking for an all in one EDC knife, the Mini Griptilian is just the right choice for you.

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Spyderco Para Military 2

Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 plain edge knife

When it comes to style and precision Spyderco always tops the list. Known for their ‘leaf’ style blade and spyder thumbhole, Spyderco has always designed EDC pocket knives that check every box. The new Spyderco Para Military 2 is the new EDC knife that has attracted a lot of attention lately.

The 8.2” long Para-Military 2 Knife comes with G-10 handle that’s more ergonomic and provides a tighter grip on the knife. The sleek and sharp CPM S30V steel blade makes this EDC knife to be the finest choice.

Another new feature includes the back-mounted liner lock. This works as compression lock, providing more security when using the knife.

This is an all in one EDC knife that’s not only sharp and useful but is also very compact and lightweight. These features are the reason why Spyderco Para Military 2 is one of the most bought EDC pocket knives. It comes with performance and style.  You can order it online for around $150(Check current price), and it’s worth the price.

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CRKT No Time Off – Another Good EDC Pocket Knife 2019

CRKT No Time Off 5351 knife

Making it to the list of top 13 best EDC pocket knives in 2019, CRKT No Time Off is another potential everyday carry knife that delivers a lot more than just style. This super sleek EDC knife has been designed by some of the most beautiful knife designers like Flavio Ikoma. This masterpiece is loaded with amazing features. Starting from the blade, CRKT No Time Off has a CTS BD1 Steel blade that is 2.99”. The ultra-sharp steel blade makes it an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor use. Also, the new glass-reinforced ergonomic nylon handle makes it even better by providing a firmer grip on the knife.

This all-in-one EDC knife also has an Ikoma’s IKBS ball bearing mechanism, which provides a very swift and effortless opening and closing motion to the knife. CRKT No Time Off also comes with a pocket clip that is designed so perfectly that it does not hinder the grip; instead, it provides a more comfortable grip on the knife. This smart pocket clip design is exclusive to CRKT No Time Off.

As per the price is concerned you can get your hands on this beauty for just $45 (Check current price). According to knife experts, CRKT No Time Off is worth the price. This EDC knife has all the features including a sharp blade, ergonomic handle, perfect cut, and design, making it a smart choice for an EDC knife lover.

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Cold Steel Recon 1

Cold Steel Recon 1 Knife

If you are more into functionality than looks and design, then Cold Steel Recon 1 is the EDC knife you have been looking for. Cold Steel is recognized as one of the finest knife makers in the market and Recon 1 has been topping the list for many knife experts.

Recon 1 is widely famous for military and firefighting environment, which makes it extremely tough and functional. This EDC knife weighs 5.3 ounces, and the blade is made up of AUS-8A stainless steel, coated with DLC. Considering the price, this material works best for Recon 1.

Furthermore, the material used for the handle is G10, which provides a very firm grip on the knife. The smart handle design with two finger grooves enhances the grip.

Recon 1 has two distinct features that add up to its functionality. The latest Tri-Ad system and the Tuff-Ex finish on the blade improves its performance to a whole new level. The new Tri-Ad system works with special stop pin device that prevents lock failure and keeps the knife in an entire position when being used.

On the other hand, the Tuff-Ex finish not only adds beauty to the knife but it also prevents rust and works as a lubricant when used to cut hard material. Cold Steel Recon 1 has received attention from most of the EDC knife users, who believe that it delivers a lot more than its price. You can get yours for $91 (Check current price) only!

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DPX Gear Heat/F

Dpx Gear Heat F Pocket Knife

The next one making it to our list of top EDC pocket knives is the DPX Gear Heat/F. One of the main reasons why this knife has been people’s favorite list is because it has been created by Robert Young Pelton. The man who spent 30 years of his life in wars and conflicts, which gave him an insight into what an EDC knife should consist of. This is a knife for people who find themselves in a harsh and wild environment.

Talking about the technical details of DPX Gear Heat/F, it has a 2.26” Niolox steel blade and is designed in Maniago, Italy. The 4.6mm blade works perfectly on all surfaces and gives a fine cut. The built-in bottle opener works as a bonus on this masterpiece. Also, it is 6.25” long that makes it ideal for people looking for a more solid EDC knife.  

The handle of Heat/F is made up of G-10 and grade 5 6AI-4V titanium, with a frame lock that fits perfectly in your hand. The tungsten carbide glass breaker at the base of the handle is another feature that makes Heat/F the best option available.  

This EDC pocket knife is said to be the most durable one by most of the knife experts, as it is entirely coated with TiCN PVD. This extra coat makes it more robust, and the black matte finish just adds up to the design.

PDx gear Heat/F is equipped with all the features that an EDC knife should consist of. It costs $231 (check today’s price), and undoubtedly it fulfills the price.

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Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage Osborne

Benchmade - Mini Barrage 585 Knife

The outstanding design and craft of Benchmade for the last twenty-five years is the reason why we had to add another of their masterpiece to our list of the best EDC pocket knives. Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage Osborne Knife is equipped with all the features that are essential for an EDC knife.

Starting from the technical details, the 6.91” long Mini-Barrage is just the size you expect from Benchmade. The blade length of 2.91” makes it super easy to handle the knife. Made from 154CM stainless steel, the ultra-sharp blade cuts everything from tomatoes to wood.

The handle, on the other hand, is yet another distinctive feature of the Mini-Barrage. It is made from Valox Resin and is entirely water resistant. The new steel liners and a wrap around four-finger grip provide a very firm grasp on the knife.

Moving to the next feature of Mini-Barrage that makes it the ideal choice as an EDC knife is the AXIS-Assist lock. Known as the strongest assist locking mechanism, it opens the blade in no time and locks it right into the place. Similarly, a soft touch on the thumb pad closes the knife with no efforts.

The overall design and the strength of Mini-Barrage speak for itself. From the satin finish blade to AXIS-Assist locking mechanism, Benchmade has delivered you everything in this EDC knife. You can order your Mini-Barrage for $123.25 (check today’s price here), and with Benchmade, it is undoubtedly the safest option.

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Opinel No.6 – One of the best EDC Pocket Knives

#6 Opinel Carbon Steel

If you are still into traditional EDC pocket knives, where you look for style and precision, then Opinel No.6 is the best option for you. Especially designed in France, Opinel is an EDC knife that still stands out.

The Opinel No.6 not only wins when it comes to design but its functionality is also commendable. The 6 1/2” long knife is just the right length for daily use. Whereas the blade is made up of the XC90 Carbon Steel that provides a sharp and fine cut.

The most exciting part of this EDC knife is its ‘fishtail’ shaped wooden handle. Made from the finest Beechwood, this traditional wooden handle works perfectly. The creative design of the handle provides a strong yet comfortable grip on the knife. This EDC knife unlike most of them requires little maintenance; once nicely sharpened it works smoothly for quite a long time.  

Also, the Opinel has a Stainless Steel Virobloc locking mechanism that gives the knife a very swift movement and locks it in just the right position. Above all, it comes at only $11.48 (check current price here), so for all the newcomers, Opinel No.6 can work as a perfect everyday carry knife to start with.

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Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

Gerber paraframe Mini knife

If you are looking for a knife that is highly functional while staying within the circle of your affordability, then Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife is the answer. Gerber is known for its inexpensive products that deliver a performance like none others.

According to EDC knife experts, the Paraframe Mini Knife is an ideal pocket knife when it comes to size and weight. When closed, it is only 3” long and weighs almost 1.4 ounces. Despite the small size, this incredible EDC knife fulfills all its functions. The 2 1/4” blade does all the magic here. Made from high carbon stainless steel the blade works in all conditions from opening letters to cutting ropes.

The use of the para frame in the handle not only adds to the design but the skeleton looking handle also cuts down the weight, making it light. However, it does not have an impact on the strength of the knife. Also, it provides a strong grip on the knife. The frame lock, on the other hand, keeps the knife fixed in the place once opened.

This small yet well-designed everyday carry knife stands out by delivering quality performance that even at such a low price. You can get your hands on this masterpiece for only $7.97 (check price on Amazon).

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Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife

Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife

Spyderco needs no introduction when it comes to making EDC pocket knives. Their incredible design and reasonable price are the reasons why another knife from Spyderco has made its way to the list of the best everyday carry knives. Tenacious Plain Edge knife has checked all the boxes making it the favorite knife of most EDC pocket knives experts.

Starting from the general dimensions and details the Tenacious has an overall length of 7 3/4″ which makes it a large knife that is ideal for outdoor use.  The 3 3/8” long blade is not only long but is extensive too. The blade is made of 8Cr13Mov Stainless steel, which is inexpensive steel but works like any other expensive alternative. Once sharpened, the blade works for an extended time.

Moving to the handle of the Tenacious, it is quite big and fits perfectly in hand. The ergonomics of the grip are also appreciable. Also, the vast thumb ramp and jimping help to keep the knife firmly in hand.

Furthermore, Tenacious comes with the signature Spyderco Hourglass shaped pocket clip that not only looks great but keeps the knife attached to your pockets without ripping them off. Also, the clip is mountable on all four corners of the knife so that you can keep it in both of your pockets.

Overall, Spyderco Tenacious is an all in one EDC knife that fits your budget and also delivers a spectacular performance. You can buy this EDC knife for $41.97 (check today’s price),  and it’s worth the price.

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Buck Knives Vantage Pro 0342BKS

Buck Knives Vantage Pro 0342BKS

It all started in 1902 when Hoyt Buck made the first knife. Since then the knife industry has been dominated by the Buck knives, especially when it comes to hunting knives.  Their iconic rock band hunting knives have topped all the lists, but this time Buck is all set to steal the market as their latest EDC knife, Vantage Pro, has been gathering a lot of attention.

The knife consists of a 3.25” laser sharp drop point blade, made up of S30V steel. This material is highly known for corrosion resistance and spectacular edge retention.  It provides a fine cut and has a sleek finish. Similarly, the handle design is also commendable. Made from thermoplastic, it gives a strong grip and is extremely durable and comfortable. It fits perfectly in the palm and has excellent ergonomics.

Other features of this EDC knife include a reversible deep-carry pocket clip so that the knife can be carried in both left and right pockets. Along with all these features, the Vantage comes at a reasonable price of $56 (check today’s price) and that with a lifetime warranty so you can trust this one.

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SOG Trident Elite – Best EDC Pocket Knife

SOG Trident Specialty Knives

Spencer Frazer honored an elite ops unit that fought in the Vietnam War by designing a recreation of their bowie knives. Since then SOG has always been a trusted name, especially in Military surroundings. The Trident also has the same tactical roots, but with some changes, it is considered as one of the best Every day Carry knives available in the market.

The Trident has a 3.5” clip point blade that is made up of AUS-8 steel, which is considered to be reliable material for an EDC knife. According to knife experts, AUS-8 is one of the most hardened alloys that provide a sustainable combination of durability and easy maintenance. The coat of titanium nitride on the blade gives it extra strength. This means you can cut paper or thick ropes with one knife.

The glass-reinforced nylon handle works perfectly with the blade. It gives a strong grip on the knife and makes it easy to use. The EDC knife also features the SOG deployment system that makes the opening of knife easy with just one hand. The patented SOG’s ARC lock system keeps the blade in place. It comes with the different notch in the handle that can prove to be useful in an emergency situation, even when the knife is closed.

The Trident has all the features of an amazing EDC knife and paying just $56 (check current price here) for this masterpiece is so worth it. Also, do not miss the limited lifetime warranty!

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Zero Tolerance Hinderer Flipper Knife

Zero Tolerance Hinderer Flipper Knife

As the name states, Zero Tolerance is the ultimate knife that will put an end to your EDC pocket knives search. Known for its design and precision, Zero Tolerance has won many hearts so far.

The 8.25” long knife weighs around 5.5 ounces, which is quite the right size for an EDC knife. The blade that is 3.5” long is another significant feature as it’s the ideal length for most of the EDC knife lovers. The blade is made up of ELMAX steel that is considered as a durable material. Also, the material is claimed to be highly corrosion and wear resistance, which means little maintenance is required.

Moving to the deploying mechanism, Zero Tolerance features a built-in flipper opening mechanism based on a KVT ball bearing system, which provides a smooth and rapid opening and closing movement to the knife and that with one hand. The titanium frame lock and the steel lock fix the blade in one position for the use.

The handle of this iconic EDC knife is a combination of titanium and black G-10, which helps to get the right grip on the knife. From the sleek finish of the blade to the smart design of the handle, Zero Tolerance offers you everything you want in an EDC knife. You can buy Zero Tolerance for $142, and it delivers a lot more than its price.

In this post, we have tried to cover all favorite everyday carry knives that have been appreciated by users all across the globe. However, we still want you to advise you that before purchasing any EDC knife, don’t forget to go through your everyday needs related to knives. This will help you to choose the most appropriate tool. Also, don’t forget to keep your knife collection clean and lubricated to ensure their hard-wearing for a longer period.

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If there is anything else about everyday carry knives that you want us to write above, do let us know.